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Kates & Barlow is a leading resource for people seeking high quality legal services and expert representation
in matters related to separation, divorce, cases of high net worth, child custody, paternity, support, property division, and other aspects of family law. The Kates & Barlow legal team brings decades of experience and an outstanding record of success to every client concern.

Team Approach

Dedicated attorneys and support staff are assigned to each case to ensure our clients’ questions and concerns are answered in a timely, thoughtful, and thorough manner. Our distinctive team approach keeps clients fully informed about our efforts and facilitates seamless representation throughout the legal process.

Knowledge-Based Planning

A carefully thought-out strategic plan guides our actions in every legal matter. Following a comprehensive assessment of the situation, our team develops a strategy that puts our client in the strongest position to successfully resolve the matter through negotiation and meticulous drafting of agreements. If negotiation does not meet the client's goals, Kates & Barlow will prepare for trial.

Client Focused

Family law matters, particularly contested litigation, can be expensive. At Kates & Barlow, we are sensitive to
our clients’ financial concerns and we strive to moderate your costs with our distinctive, client-centered practices. In order to keep legal expenses under control, we will conduct a cost/benefit analysis with our client to examine the value of pursuing a particular issue. Client expenses are also kept in check by assigning case-related tasks at the most effective billing rates.

Exceeding Expectations

Founded on the core values of honesty, integrity, and discretion, with high ethical standards and attention to detail, Kates & Barlow is dedicated to excellence in client service and the practice of family law.

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